Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with an Ice Cream Party in Houston

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream month? Fun Fact: President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984. He recognized ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by a full 90% of the nation’s population. And even though Tasti D-Lite isn’t technically ice cream, because […]

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Cypress Woman Shows the Nation How to Lose Weight with Tasti D-Lite

In April, inspired by Houston’s own local Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge success, a national Healthy Habit campaign was launched seeking people who got healthier eating Tasti D-Lite. Interestingly enough, one perfect example of this was already in our own backyard. Ulanda Celestine from Cypress has been selected among hundreds of entries. She dropped 52 […]

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Dining Out For Life – A Tasti D-Lite Success

Once again, we have to say that our customers are the best in the world. During the Dining Out For Life event, a special day where a group of local restaurants donated 33% of proceeds to the AIDS Foundation – Houston, we were blessed with a wonderful crowd of supporters. At the end of April […]

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Houston Dessert, Tasti D-Lite, Joins The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Tasti D-Lite has joined forces with Dining Out for Life, a one-day only event benefiting the AIDS Foundation of Houston. On Thursday, April 28, along with several other local restaurants, Tasti will be donating 33% of food bills to the important cause as the city creates a unified front against HIV/AIDS. Plus, when you come […]

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Tasti D-Lite Truck Serves Up Healthy Eats In Houston For Foursquare Day

We had a great time celebrating National Foursqaure Day at the Houston Foursquare event! Tasti D-Lite from the beginning has been a big Foursquare supporter. So were happy to join the party when we heard the news. And if you’re on Foursquare don’t forget to look for our check in specials at our 3 locations and hook up […]

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Houston Ice Cream Party & Foursquare Party- We’re Just Swarming Up

Foursquare, the never-ending, location-based social media game is no stranger to avid Tasti Delight fans. The game allows users to “check-in” to different locales and receive discounts, badges, points and even free food. If you’ve ever checked in at Tasti, you know it’s a game worth playing. Foursquare is the customer loyalty program of the […]

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Frozen Dessert Shop Houston – Weight Loss Challenge 2011 Winner Louise Lepie

Louise Lepie – 2011 Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge Winner The sprawling city of Houston just got a little bit thinner – 221 pounds thinner to be exact. The results of the six-week Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge are in, and while most contestants pulled their weight, Louise Lepie will take the cake (or smoothie) […]

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Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge- Week 3 Results

Our contestants are still at it, and now they’ve been eating Tasti D for three weeks. What’s the skinny? It’s all in the results. John Lewis – 178 lbs., down 4 lbs. (total loss=12 lbs.) Alex Solntsev – 196 lbs., down 3 lbs. (total loss=18 lbs.) Robert Burney – 210 lbs, down 3 lbs. (total […]

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Tasti D-Lite Around Town

We love the ladies of Houston (who doesn’t?), so for Valentine’s Day, we had to treat them right. Everybody knows there’s no better way than dessert to get a gal smiling, so we took to the streets in our bright pink Tasti-D truck, delivering our delicious confections to many lucky passersby. When will we strike […]

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Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge, Week 2 Results

Tasti D-Lite Weight Loss Challenge, Week 2 On to week 2! We’re one-third of the way through the challenge, and it’s more exciting than ever. While most people are down, we’ve had a few unexpected gains (uh-oh). Our leader in the race has already lost 19 pounds! We can’t believe our eyes – or the […]

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